Frequently Asked Questions:
  Question 1. What are premixes? What are the prime ingredients used?


Premixes are a product that is mixed and blended from three or more ingredients or elements therefore being marketed, used or mixed further. The major ingredients  are Sugar, Milk Solids, Instant Tea & Coffee, Maltodextrien and various flavour.

  Question 2. Whom & Why one should use premixes?

Any organization having more than 5-6 persons should install Vending Machines. Use of Vending Machines & Premixes are makes services very Prompt, Convenient, Hygienic & Economical.

  Question 3. Why should I prefer café n tea over other company products (brand) in the market?

Our Café n Tea brand is a result of extensive in house research and development having more than a decade of experience. The products are manufactured under most hygienic condition and in accordance to the international quality standards utilizing the most modern technology and talented workforce. The premixes are precision packed to keep them fresh for longer period of times.

  Question 4. How safe and sound is your product proves in terms of quality and regulations safety standards?

Through a three- tiered quality control system that encompasses the careful selection of raw materials, the production process and distribution up to the point of sale. Factory laboratories, Regional quality control laboratories and central quality control work together to make sure that our products are safe and hygienic.

  Question 5. What is the shelf life of your products?
  Answer: The shelf life of our product is six months from the date of manufacturing.
  Question 6. How should the product be stored once opened?
  Answer: The premixes are hydroscopic in nature therefore they need to be stored in air tight containers and jars.
  Question 7.

Does the company have any products which are suitable for restricted diets?

  Answer: The company has Diet Tea and Diet Coffee which are very low in sugar & are suitable for the restricted diets.
  Question 8. What are the main product categories of Café N Tea?
  Answer: Please visit the product range on our website. The link is Product Range (Click here).
  Question 9. Do you sell tea and coffee premixes in smaller packing?
  Answer: Most of the products are sold in 1 KG packs but cold beverage range is available in smaller packing.
  Question 10. Whom should I contact for a product related query or feedback?
  Answer: There is a query form that is available on our website which can be filled and submitted to us.
  Question 11.

What is the procedure for the product recall?


The information about the product recall can be obtained by getting in touch with our customer care number (+91)9622012345.

  Question 12. How can I contact the café n tea’s consumer services?

The café n tea`s consumer services can be contacted on +91 9622012345. There is a feedback as well as an enquiry form on website that can be filled and can submitted to us.

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